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Medical equipment

Medical Electronics Medical, clinical, and health care facilities have unique requirements for electronic products: product life, certification, reliability, and compliance with strict rules and regulations. Sheng Bei technology with knowledge and expertise to provide specific, long-life SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor products through the security certification of every kind of high performance, to develop innovative and effective medical equipment, such as patient monitoring, point of care, and medical imaging equipment, handheld computer etc..

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Smart home appliances

Smart home appliances Energy conservation and environmental protection has become a necessary condition for daily necessities, such as lamps, washing machines, air conditioning and so on. The low loss and long life of the electrolytic capacitor can effectively reduce the power consumption of household electrical appliances. The passive components of the technology used in the control of household appliances can be used to ensure the intelligent energy management in the household.

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Led power supply

LED drive power supply The power supply used in general contains power adapter, desktop or server power supply. Passive power supply needs, must be exposed to temperature fluctuations in the environment can still maintain high product quality stability, and has a low ESR (equivalent series resistance) value and high Lianbo current ratings. This series of products of high capacitance and low equivalent series resistance (ESR) allows at high frequency remains low impedance, to support various applications in noise suppression and Lian wave absorption function. In this application, the space is the key factor, the cost and the highest efficiency is the priority consideration. Sheng Bei science and technology development of LED professional placement of aluminum electrolytic capacitor series can be a good play a role.

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